Back in the saddle again…

Back in the saddle again, I realized after measuring and weighing last week that i had stopped loosing again. Took a look at my diet and realized i had to many fruits in there, any type of sugar even natural sugar i cant have.

Thought maybe i would get away with it but, alas, the demon wont allow it. So the last 2 days ive kicked fruits to the curb and stepped on the scale this morning, what do ya know i lost 2 pounds… im on track again.

Getting my Saba Infuse today in the mail, looking forward to that, ive been taking the leaky gut from dr. axe too, that seems to be helping alot. Trying it today without taking my stomach meds. We shall see how that goes.

The Saba G2 is the ONLY thing that ever worked for me, I do love it! Wish I could give it to everyone, they would feel aaaaaaaaamazing!!

Starting over

Well……its been a year, and here i am again. On my journey! Ive started a new approach on this thing.
First i had to decide to eat clean, yeah that means no junk, fruits and veggies, no cake/cookies etc… so for a week, i let go of sugar, pop, tea and carbs. IT SUCKED!!

Then i started a product called Saba Ace G2, holy shit let me tell you this stuff is amazing! It gave me the energy i needed, it gave me a kick in the nuts to the furnace of metabolism that had been asleep for years!

So, its been 2 weeks on Saba, 7 weeks on clean eating and im loosing, yep lost 4 inches and i can finally see some results. Stay tuned 🙂

Day 1

Well…yesterday i ate all the cookies in the house… think im joking? Lol nope i finished off 1/2 A BOX OF FALL SUGAR COOKIES! I knew i was done, and if i didnt finish them guess what id be eating for breakfast? Anyone else do that?

What did I eat??


Well……………..anything white basically. Bread, specifically italian bread was my favorite. Donuts, candy and always some type of cookies around. I drink sweet tea all day long with a splash of peach or apple in it.

Seriously……..who wants to eat green beans when they have sugar cookies to eat!

The Deliverance Prayer……


The truth is alone I can not fight this demon, alone I am weak.

Heavenly Father, Yahvah, I come before you this morning, to confess with my words that I need your help, I ask that you cast out and give me the authority of your word, to banish this demon from my life, from my works of my hands, the pain in my body the fog in my mind. Give me clarity and wisdom. Heal the damage that Ive done by eating and feeding this thing. Renew in me a new spark, give me strength and finally, to BREAK the shackles this has over me. In Yashua’s precious name. AMEN!

YAHVAH AND YASHUA are the names of God and Jesus in Hebrew.

Deliverance of the demon called “Sugar Addiction”.


So………Ive started this blog several times, each time something always comes in a derails it. I decided lastnight that it was finally time. And you will learn that when i make up my mind im a force to be reckoned with. I am a Scorpio woman, hear me ROAR!

What is my addiction you ask? Is it heroine? Cocaine? Cigarettes? nope…………. my addiction is Sugar. For some of you, your reaction is Oh wow……big deal, however, for someone else that is addicted to sugar as well, their reaction may be much different.

I wanted to share my story, my struggles and hopefully help someone else. Through humor and the love of Yahvah (God in Hebrew). His strength and love, I WILL BEAT THIS DEMON OF SUGAR!

The other less obvious reason for my starting and stopping this blog is because, I would NEVER allow any pictures of me from the chest down. I was in denial……straight up. If i didnt see it, it wasnt …………. “THAT BAD”. Well, last night I took my picture and it just reinforced my decision to beat this damn demon!

I know my weight is around 230, im 5’2 inches which according to the dr I needed to loose 100 lbs. More on that later………….

Comment, buckle up and join me on this Deliverance of the Demon called “sugar addiction”.